Introducing The Arts Shed

The Arts Shed represents a creative community where people share a love for arts and crafts. The Arts Shed is offering kids classes, workshops, inspiration and a place to show and express your passion for art in all kind of forms.

There are many different ways how you can be part of this creative community! You can come to our events, participate in the creative workshops, like our Facebook and Instagram page and share with us your creations!

Meet Our Team

rugile eigerdaite


Rugile Eigerdaite is a freelance artist and dance practitioner. She is very passionate about reaching youth and providing them with an opportunity to get to know art and different crafts as well as help to nurture a future artists generation.

R. Eigerdaite
Laima Eigerdiene Bekesiene


Laima is an amazing crafter specialising in wet and dry wool felting. She is also, professional cakes and pastries baker.  

Laima Eigerdiene Bekesiene
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