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Kids Getting to Know Their Gouache

Sunday Kids Club experimenting with gouache and its painting techniques.

This Sunday, little artists were trying out gouache paints, getting to know canvas and the use of an easel. Kids were following the theme of painting nature but only from their imagination. Children are naturally very creative and full of ideas so even if the class tasks are structured, they will always have room to make their input to the painting. During this class, children had instructions to use gouache and produce landscape theme painting on the canvas. However, they had an option to choose what landscape they wished to paint, what elements they wanted to have in their picture and what colours and brushes they preferred to use. Even the kids who were struggling with decision making eventually found the confidence to produce their desired image. Resulting in overall satisfaction with the work they have created during the class.

The gouache as the paint has the perfect consistency for kids to practice their painting skills. It is not translucent as a watercolour but not as thick as acrylics (Moore, 2018). Gouache has more pigment than watercolour so the colour is nice, bright and opaque as acrylics (Moore, 2018). The texture of gouache is not as delicate as watercolours so it is much easier to work with, especially on most type of canvas (Moore, 2018).

Painting in a relaxed environment with assistance and guidance from an arts practitioner helps kids to calm their mind, focus on the task, stimulate their interest and enthusiasm. Socialising during class with fellow pupils actively helps to improve their cognitive behaviour and multi-tasking skills (Gross, 1996).

It is important to start introducing kids from an early age to different materials which they can use to produce art and foster their creativity. Arts and crafts activities would equip children with the knowledge and help to develop numerous skills which will benefit them in future.



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